Nissan, Lucasfilm Join Forces to Launch Star Wars: The Last Jedi

November 10th, 2017 by

Star Wars

Nissan is partnering with Lucasfilm and other top brands to support the December 15 premier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, following on Nissan’s successful venture with the filmmaker last year. This time around, Nissan has planned a promotional campaign that will highlight Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies.

Last year, Nissan launched the award-winning “Battle Test: A Nissan 360-degree Virtual Reality Experience,” in collaboration with Lucasfilm. Nissan released the very popular Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition SUV. This upgraded Rogue came with a limited edition helmet like those worn by elite stormtroopers in the film. That SUV went over so well last year that many car enthusiasts are hoping for another new vehicle to celebrate the renewal of the partnership. In fact, Nissan is offering its exclusive Star Wars: The Last Jedi vehicle customizer. One sweepstakes winner will take home a personally customized vehicle.

Nissan is confident that the campaign will allow their Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology to seem more approachable and connect them with the millions of Star Wars fans. “This film will be blazing new ground in the Star Wars saga, and we feel our partners have designed some truly compelling experiences to match,” says Lynwen Brennan, General Manager of Lucasfilm.

What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility? 

Nissan sees parallels in its Nissan Intelligent Mobility to the futuristic vision of Star Wars. For example, BB-8, the adorable droid sidekick to Poe Dameron, rides along in Poe’s X-wing Starfighter and helps him see things he can’t and help him navigate the dangers around him. Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility acts the same way. “The technology of the future, now within reach,” states Nissan’s teaser commercial, the first of many to come.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility includes automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, and the new ProPILOT assist to help view everything around the driver and navigate the dangers of your everyday drive.

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See Star WarsThe Last Jedi, in theaters on December 15, and contact the experts at Speedcraft Nissan to learn more about Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Check back for the latest on Nissan collaborations with Lucasfilm, and enter the sweepstakes at the official Nissan Star Wars page for more information. Christian Louboutin, General Mills, Nissan, Royal Phillips, Verizon and VIZIO are also joining the Star Wars partnership.

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